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Comments From the Community

April 2021

Thank you so much for last night’s presentation. I am still gleaning “nuggets” of wisdom and will appreciate your  follow-up information. A thought about the question concerning children.  Frugal Books, a black family-owned bookstore in Roxbury, MA, offers a wealth of kids’ books and great knowledge about the subject. (They ordered my copy of “Dear White Christians” by Jennifer Harvey, quoted by Dr. Ragland last night )  — J.N.

February 2021

What a fantastic program [about permaculture as a resource for neighborhoods that lack access to healthy food]! I am so inspired to start (or continue) permaculture efforts. I learned so much, and love the energy and optimism of these young people.   — V.S.

The presenters did a great job – I came away understanding that in addition to benefiting the environment, permaculture can help sustain residents of “food desert” neighborhoods. How cool!   –S.A.

January 2021

What a wonderful program and performance.   I enjoyed every minute of it!  — K.F.

 I watched When We Can Breathe Again in 2 installments because it was longer than I was prepared for. The children were adorable: open, honest, charming, at ease with the camera and photographer…The music selections were delightfully chosen and the affection and respect the children were extended throughout was palpable. Very fine camera work, too!
Congratulations to Gloria and Michael and to each and every one of the children for a hopeful and encouraging introduction to the lives of children in COVID and kudos to Gloria for giving so much of herself, her time, her attention to the wellbeing of the children entrusted to her.
And to Emily, you can be proud of your very professional introduction and welcoming.  — L.A.

January 2020

The high point – was all of it! Amazing, informational, the presenters’ receptivity to discussion, their idea-giving and also taking time to listen.

March 2019

From Greenfield Recorder opinion page, 3/29/19
… Last weekend, one of the county’s persistent activist groups, Racial Justice Rising, took to the Greenfield Common again where members reached out to passersby with messages of love, not hate…. If we care about the world, we all need to do our part to call out hatred in its many forms and to build community. The good people of Racial Justice Rising do that, and we thank them for it.

January 2019

A wonderful presentation and celebration of your many years of dedication and persistence. Much gratitude for all your endeavors and the possibilities for the future.

 I found the presentation last weekend to be totally engaging, informative and it made me proud to be a supporter of the work that you do. I left feeling very energized by the entire experience and thank you all heartily.

October 2018

This talk was really mind-opening. I have a lot to think about. I’m inspired to share this information with my peers and professors.

April 2018

I think the work you all are doing is making a deeply significant contribution to our community. keep it up! every program you have done has moved me, inspired me, and made me proud of our community grappling with such challenging issues.   — S.B.

February 2018

Racial Justice Rising Saturday morning gatherings and the presentations themselves have invariably brought me to tears (and action). Thank you for all that you do in service.   — C.W.

January 2018

Such great work! Thank you. This shines so many lights into the community and into our hearts. We loved helping out and would gladly do so again.

December 2017

Great presentations from each speaker. All were thoughtful, each had their own style and approach, and I both learned a lot and was given a lot of food for thought. Thanks so much, and I hope you do a program like this again.  — G.A.

February 2017

Thank you for providing this opportunity to explore racial privilege. So valuable and essential to delve into white privilege and provide opportunities to be proactive rather than isolate and only feel guilty about the racial reality in this country.

January 2017

I have been following your work.. and the difficult journey that it has been. I greatly appreciate what you have and continue to do in Franklin County. with deep respect — P.L.

August 2016

I will post a link on my FaceBook page and tell others of your project. I  hope the idea will catch on, and I truly believe it’s up to us European heritage folks to teach each other, and take some steps towards reconciliation.  Thank you for doing this. – R.H.

2015 – A few comments about our monthly programs

– Facilitator held the space really well. Very grounded, clear, knowledgeable.- Style was different from what I’m used to and very effective- Amazing variety. Global, inspiring….Offered new ways of understanding universal truths.- Very clear about what the truth is behind racism or racism in general.

– I remembered that learning our history is liberating and healing.- I have much to learn and was encouraged to examine/reimagine my default positions.

– I enjoy the presenters opinions. Its is refreshing. And his desire to discuss, not just dominate.

– Humor! You had us laughing! Provocative subjects, active style of presenting.

– The presenter is a provocative thinker whose ideas have taken root in my heart.

– As a white person how little I know about Black culture. This is an example of my white privilege that I am not proud of.

2014 – A few comments about our monthly programs

– Presentation superb! Hit depth of emotions

– Everyone respected one another

– Presenter was brilliant and inspiring. Should never stop doing what she’s doing because it will lead to something great…. I liked the range of emotion and tone… She is gifted and the visuals help it sink in more profoundly.

– I loved the talk back and partner work.

– The presenter was calm, passionate, professional, responsive to audience questions and comments, highly skilled, and extremely engaging.

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