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Achieving Health Equity, A Guide for Health Care Organizations, from Institute for Health Care Improvement

African Americans Don’t Sleep As Well As Whites, an Inequality Stretching Back To Slavery, by Benjamin Reiss at the LA Times

Black Gains in Life Expectancy, by Victor Fuchs at JAMA Network

Decolonizing Empathy, by Sherronda J. Brown at The Black Youth Project

Does Racism Play A Role in Health Inequities? from Institute for Health Care Improvement

Flint’s Lead-Poisoned Water’s Horrifyingly Large Effect on Fetal Deaths, by Christopher Ingraham at the Washington Post

Focusing On Racial Disparities in Health Care by Shelby Ashline, pre-program article in Greenfield Recorder

Genes Don’t Cause Racial-Health Disparities, Society Does, by Jason Silverstein at The Atlantic

The Health of Young African American Men by Stephen A. Martin et al

How, As A Doctor, I’ve Contributed To The Racial Gap In Infant Mortality, by Nana Matoba at Statnews

How Health Care Can Accelerate Health Equity, from Institute for Health Care Improvement

Racism Is A Scourge On the Public’s Health, by Ellen Isaacs at MultiRacial Unity

Structural Racism and Supporting Black Lives: The Role of Health Professionals, by Rachel R. Hardeman, Eduardo M. Medina, and Katy B. Kozhimannil at the New England Journal of Medicine

We’re Sick of Racism, Literally, by Douglas Jacobs at the New York Times

Why Does Health Equity Matter? from Institute for Health Care Improvement

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