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RJR Supports The Truth Telling Project (TTP)

“Reparations is a spiritual practice. Reparations is the midpoint between truth and reconciliation.” 
–TTP Co-Founders Dr. David Ragland and Dr. Melinda Salazar

The Grassroots Reparations Campaign, the premier program of Truth Telling Project’s mission:

“We uplift faith-based and ethically-centered frameworks that demand accountability for the history and current world conditions that slavery, colonialism, genocide, and other material and moral abuses created. We have set out to create a culture of reparations that emerges from spiritual practice, transformative education, and action.” 

A diverse community of organizers, activists, artists, writers, teachers, practitioners and scholars, The Truth Telling Project is committed to implementing and sustaining grassroots, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify the voices of the traditionally silenced and disenfranchised in response to state-sanctioned, direct and indirect violence.

The Truth Telling Project

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