Video Gallery

When We Can Breathe Again… An Update – 1/23/2021

A discussion of Reparations for Slavery with Dr. Amilcar Shabazz – 2/1/2020


Lighting The Way: A Climate Change Theatre Action – 12/7/19

Interview, WGBY Connecting Point – 10/28/19

Racism, Ageism, and Healthcare – 10/5/19

Voices of Dissent, Music of Activism – 9/7/19


Lies We Tell Our Children – 4/6/19


Racism in the Prison Experience: An Overview From the Outside, Voices From the Inside – 3/2/19

Food Justice, HipHop, and Race – 2/2/19

RJR 10th Anniversary Celebration – 1/5/19

First Franklin District Candidates Forum – 8/25/18

with all candidates

Immigration In The Age of Trump: Franklin County’s Response – 2/3/18

with Auda Gonzalez, Javier Luengo-Garrido, Bill Newman, and Sister Rosa Torres


Grandmother Teachings – 11/4/17

with Grandmother Jeorgina Larocque (Sagaligesw, or Plant Woman)

The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking The Domination Code – 10/7/17

Video of discussion circle facilitated by Strong Oak

Voices of Dissent Music of Activism – 9/2/17

with Marcia Gomes, Arjuna Greist, Adam Matlock, Gloria De.Layne Matlock and Licia Sky

The Real Story of American History: My Story, Not His Story – 6/3/17

with Naimah Muhammad and Kathleen Anderson

Racial Justice in the Courts: Is It Possible? 5/27/17

with Buz Eisenberg

Have You Seen My Childhood? Understanding Grief in Adoptive Children, with a focus on transracial adoptions – 5/6/17

with Karmen Smith


Spoken Word: An Art With A History, 3/4/17

with Tem Blessed and friends

A Taste of Brazil: The Story of Capoeira Dance, 12/3/16

with Tuzinho from Capoeira Brasil Hartford

Building Relationships with the Community and the Police: A Community Forum with Greenfield, Massachusetts Police Chief Robert Haigh, 10/1/16

facilitated by Keyedrya Jacobs

No Place For Hate, 6/27/16

Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television

Education or Miseducation: By Accident or Design? 12/5/15

with Dr. Mulazimuddin Rasool

1676 and Beyond: Tribes, Race, and Untold Histories, 11/7/15

with David Tall Pine White and David Brule

What Reparations Force Us to Do: Racial Justice & Un-Remembering Atrocity in US History, 8/8/15

with Chris Tinson

Part 1

Part 2

Professor Chris Tinson on Reparations, 8/8/15

Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television

One People, One Earth! 6/6/15

with Brother NorthStar

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Mass Slavery Apology Presents Brother NorthStar

Courtesy of Greenfield Community TV

Protest! Mass Slavery Apology, 5/1/15

Courtesy of Northampton Community Television

Black Lives/Black History, 4/11/15

with Gloria De’Layne Matlock and Adam Matlock

Part 1

Part 2

History, Healing, & Hope, A Mother & Son Duo use African-American Spirituals and Stories to Fight Racism, 4/20/15

Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television

Franklin County’s First Peoples, April 5, 2014

with Joe Graveline
Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television