Video Gallery

First Franklin District Candidates Forum – 8/25/18

Immigration In The Age of Trump: Franklin County’s Response

with Auda Gonzalez, Javier Luengo-Garrido, Bill Newman, and Sister Rosa Torres


Grandmother Teachings

with Grandmother Jeorgina Larocque (Sagaligesw, or Plant Woman)


The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking The Domination Code

Video of discussion circle facilitated by Strong Oak


Voices of Dissent Music of Activism

with Marcia Gomes, Arjuna Greist, Adam Matlock, Gloria De.Layne Matlock and Licia Sky


The Real Story of American History: My Story, Not His Story

with Naimah Muhammad and Kathleen Anderson


Racial Justice in the Courts: Is It Possible?

with Buz Eisenberg


Have You Seen My Childhood? Understanding Grief in Adoptive Children, with a focus on transracial adoptions

with Karmen Smith



Spoken Word: An Art With A History, 3/4/17

with Tem Blessed and friends


A Taste of Brazil: The Story of Capoeira Dance, 12/3/16

with Tuzinho from Capoeira Brasil Hartford


Building Relationships with the Community and the Police: A Community Forum with Greenfield, Massachusetts Police Chief Robert Haigh, 10/1/16

facilitated by Keyedrya Jacobs


No Place For Hate, 6/27/16

Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television


Education or Miseducation: By Accident or Design? 12/5/15

with Dr. Mulazimuddin Rasool


1676 and Beyond: Tribes, Race, and Untold Histories, 11/7/15

with David Tall Pine White and David Brule


What Reparations Force Us to Do: Racial Justice & Un-Remembering Atrocity in US History, 8/8/15

with Chris Tinson

Part 1

Part 2


Professor Chris Tinson on Reparations, 8/8/15

Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television


One People, One Earth! 6/6/15

with Brother NorthStar

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Mass Slavery Apology Presents Brother NorthStar

Courtesy of Greenfield Community TV


Protest! Mass Slavery Apology, 5/1/15

Courtesy of Northampton Community Television


Black Lives/Black History, 4/11/15

with Gloria De’Layne Matlock and Adam Matlock

Part 1

Part 2


History, Healing, & Hope, A Mother & Son Duo use African-American Spirituals and Stories to Fight Racism, 4/20/15

Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television


Franklin County’s First Peoples, April 5, 2014

with Joe Graveline
Courtesy of Greenfield Community Television