RJR Supports Greenfield Racial Justice

Peaceful Protest to show a different view from ProTrump
Saturday Aug 15th, 2020

Several hundred, many younger folks, turned out for a well organized Peaceful Protest, by Greenfield Racial Justice, a group Racial Justice Rising is supporting. When it was announced on Facebook that there was to be a pro-Trump march and rally on Aug. 15th, Greenfield Racial Justice planned a Peaceful Protest, with only three days to pull it together. The Peaceful Protest started with training for Peace Keepers, then a sign making art event, and all gathered on all 4 corners of the intersection at Main St. and Federal at 10am.

With music by Ben Grosscup, local musician, and speeches by Brieanna Arsenault, the atmosphere was very lively and positive and as Brieanna said, “Clearly Black Lives Matter in Greenfield.” Within a half hour of the Pro Trump folks due to arrive at the Common it was learned they had decided not to march. The Peaceful Protesters continued the inspiring gathering til 12 noon.

Greenfield Racial Justice has been doing research and prioritizing conversations with our community members since early June before reaching out to our city leaders.    They are working to reimagine community safety for everyone in Greenfield and held a rally on the Greenfield Common back in mid-July 2020 where community members came together using the arts to show what safety would look like.   Racial Justice Rising has been supporting Greenfield Racial Justice from the beginning, standing with them in what ever way they might need us as an ally.