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Reparations are the restorative actions that make an acknowledgement of wrong doings via an apology — meaningful.

In our context, we are talking about reparations to the descendants of all enslaved in the United States of America; namely, the indigenous populations and the African Americans. As stated in our apology document, the form these long over-due reparations will take are to be determined by those who experienced the harm.  Here we are talking about reparations for the crime of slavery at the origins of this country AND the ongoing profound harm that continues today toward these same populations.

As described by the Grassroots Reparations Campaign, a component of The Truth Telling Project, “Reparations is the practice of repairing spiritual, moral and material harm.” It is not just about financial reparative actions.

With this in mind, we invite explanations of why reparations is important to you.  We will publicly post on this page all comments of 100 words or less provided they adhere to the spirit of this invitation.  Participants can choose to include their full name or initials or speak anonymously.  Indicating if you are of European descent (and benefit from white privilege) would be helpful as well.

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If you are not ready to comment and have not yet signed our apology and commitment to restorative actions, click here.  The signatures and comments will show support for the HR40 bill in the U.S. Congress and also for local efforts to create a similar legislative bill at the state levels.  Thank you.

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