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RJR Partners

Indigenous Voices Film Series

November 2022 & On-going Produced by the Nolumbeka Project and Jennifer Lee (Northern Narragansett) in collaboration with Turning Tide Films; Directed by Robbie Leppzer Additional downloadable resources for teachers and lifelong learners are provided. Films are free here. Referenced in Daily Hampshire Gazette here.

RJR Supports Greenfield People’s Budget

We support the Greenfield People’s Budget and its ongoing advocacy for anti-racist police reform following the Buchanan verdict.

We are friends, family, and neighbors who want community-led solutions to public safety in Greenfield and Franklin County, Massachusetts. We want programs that reduce harm and meet people’s real needs. Other cities have great success with community-led, holistic public safety programs, and we want the same thing here.
We want people who have been harmed by the system to have a say in how we make our town a safe, thriving, and just community.

Greenfield People’s Budget

Latest Related Activity

Call Mayor & Council re: Task Force

Action deadline August 17, 2022 As we discussed in our news post about the proposed Task Force promp…

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Culture of Reparations

Building a Culture of Reparations, with Dr. David Ragland

Building a Culture of Reparations examines the history, spiritual, conceptual (ethical and moral), and practical dimensions of reparations as a global movement.

Dr. Ragland will speak about the various ways ordinary people can build a spiritual and practical culture of reparative justice work. There will be time for questions, and the sponsors will send you off with several immediate, accessible, joyful actions you can take towards healing and reparation work.

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