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Menu header for resources about racial justice and injustice.

Achieving Health Equity, A Guide for Health Care Organizations, from Institute for Health Care Improvement

African Americans Don’t Sleep As Well As Whites, an Inequality Stretching Back To Slavery, by Benjamin Reiss at the LA Times

Black Gains in Life Expectancy, by Victor Fuchs at JAMA Network

Decolonizing Empathy, by Sherronda J. Brown at The Black Youth Project

Does Racism Play A Role in Health Inequities? from Institute for Health Care Improvement

Flint’s Lead-Poisoned Water’s Horrifyingly Large Effect on Fetal Deaths, by Christopher Ingraham at the Washington Post

Focusing On Racial Disparities in Health Care by Shelby Ashline, pre-program article in Greenfield Recorder

Genes Don’t Cause Racial-Health Disparities, Society Does, by Jason Silverstein at The Atlantic

The Health of Young African American Men by Stephen A. Martin et al

How, As A Doctor, I’ve Contributed To The Racial Gap In Infant Mortality, by Nana Matoba at Statnews

How Health Care Can Accelerate Health Equity, from Institute for Health Care Improvement

Racism Is A Scourge On the Public’s Health, by Ellen Isaacs at MultiRacial Unity

Structural Racism and Supporting Black Lives: The Role of Health Professionals, by Rachel R. Hardeman, Eduardo M. Medina, and Katy B. Kozhimannil at the New England Journal of Medicine

We’re Sick of Racism, Literally, by Douglas Jacobs at the New York Times

Why Does Health Equity Matter? from Institute for Health Care Improvement

Gardening the Community, Springfield MA

Good Food & Good Jobs for All: Challenges and Opportunities to Advance Racial and Economic Equity in the Food System, from Race Forward (formerly the Applied Research Center)

Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante, Vermont

Radical Farmers Use Fresh Food to Fight Racial Injustice and The New Jim Crow by Leah Penniman at Yes Magazine

Why Food Belongs In Our Discussions of Race, by Kristin Wartman at Civil Eats

Climate change and communities of color: Anthony Rogers-Wright of Environmental Action speaks to the DNC ,from C-Span

Environmental Justice/Environmental Racism – links to many resources

Idle No More

Racism in the Air You Breathe: When/Where You Live Determines How Fast You Die, by Charles D. Ellison at The Root

Unist’ot’en Action Camp Against Pipelines

Why We Need Intersectionality to Understand Climate Change, by Elizabeth Walsh at Intercontinental Cry

Black Men’s Sentences 20% Longer Than White Men’s for Similar Crimes, by Sarah Ruiz-Grossman at Huffington Post

The Counted: This interactive database of people killed by police in the U.S. is continually updated. From The Guardian

Court costs entrap nonwhite, poor juvenile offenders, by Erik Eckholm at the New York Times

Did Slavery End in 1865? a video with Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative

First Reparations Program for Victims of Police Violence, by Zach Stafford at The Nation

Free online tool for police to determine if they are enacting bias in traffic stops, from RTI International

Infographic on Education vs. Incarceration

 Lifesaving Advice From A Black Woman Held At Gunpoint By Police, by Tonya Jameson at The Undefeated

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Police Originated From Slave Catching Patrols, from NAACP

Series on mass incarceration from The Atlantic, September 2015

Slavery Never Died, It Reinvented Itself, an article about mass incarceration by Whitney Bens at The Atlantic

Slavery To Mass Incarceration, a 6 minute video with nice graphics by the Equal Justice Initiative

U.S. Police Chiefs Group Apologizes For Historical Mistreatment of Minorities, by Tom Jackman at the Washington Post

Van Jones: How Prisons Hurt Communities, from AJ+

Who’s Most Likely to be Killed by Police? by Simon Moya-Smith in Indian Country Today, via CNN

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