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19 Reasons Latin Americans Come to the U.S. That Have Nothing To Do With The American Dream, by Roque Planas in Huffington Post.

ACLU Immigrant Protection Project of Western MA

The Domestic Worker Immigration Project is run by the Brazilian Immigrant Center in Boston.

Brave Hearts, When Lowell Was A Sanctuary City for Fugitive Slaves, a historical perspective by Robert Forrant at WBUR

Don’t Get Your Undocumented Friends In Trouble: A How-To, by Felicia Jarvis at the Daily Demand

If Immigration Agents Show Up At Your Door, a poster from ACLU of Northern California

Important Information for Immigrants and Allies, from the Center for New Americans in western MA

“Justice Fund” to Cover Legal Costs for Immigrants Facing Deportation, by Kaitlyn D’Onofrio at Diversity, Inc.

Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante, Vermont

My Undocumented Friend, by Terry J. Allen in The Guardian

The National Domestic Workers Alliance mobilizes domestic workers across the country. (Most domestic workers are immigrant and/or of-color women.)

New Research Studies Immigration Assimilation and Busts Stereotypes, by Kenrya Rankin Naasel at Colorlines

No Excuses Not To Talk About Immigration, a short video and history of U.S. immigration policy from The Skimm

Pioneer Valley (MA) Workers Center offers resources for immigrants and Sanctuary In The Streets

Sikh-American civil rights advocate Valarie Kaur’s plea to her country in the times of Donald J. Trump, a powerful video

United We Dream‘s core principles for immigration reform.

Springfield (MA) Church Becomes Sanctuary for Undocumented Residents, by Erin Fitzsimmonds and Samara Abramson at WesternMassNews

When A Father Of 4 Is Detained By ICE While Dropping His Daughters Off At School, by Julia Wick at LAist

 When Crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border Was Not A Crime, by Kelly Lytle Hernandez at Yes Magazine


Affirmative Action for White People: Comments by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Melissa Harris-Perry

America’s 100 Richest People Control More Wealth Than The Entire Black Population, by Josh Harkinson at Mother Jones

Considering the Legacy of Stolen Labor from Racism Review

Financial Literacy – The Black Community by Christian Simmons

Financial Literacy – The Latinx Community by Christian Simmons

The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism by Edward Baptist

It Would Take 228 Years For Black Families To Amass The Wealth of White Families, by Kate Davidson at the Wall Street Journal

Racial wealth gap study by Pew Research Center

    –Summary of article by Colorlines

The Racial Wealth Gap: Why Policy Matters: Infographics & information from Black Left Unity

Unequal: How People of Color Were Kept From Owning A Home, a video from The Root

United For A Fair Economy‘s annual State of the Dream report:

State of the Dream 2017: Mourning in America

State of the Dream 2016: #BlackLivesMatter and the Economy

State of the Dream 2015: Underbanked and Overcharged

State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom?

State of the Dream 2013: Housing, Asset Policy, and the Racial Wealth Divide, from United for a Fair Economy

State of the Dream 2012  Looking Back, Looking Forward

State of the Dream 2011, Austerity for Whom? by United for a Fair Economy

White supremacy and economics, an article from Colorlines.

A Letter To White Women Teachers: an urgent plea for change, by Laura Baker of Racial Justice Rising and Westfield State University  (select Full Text PDF)

An End to the Privatization of Education and Real Community Control by Parents, Students and Community Members of Schools Including Democratic School Boards and Community Control of Curriculum, Hiring, Firing, and Discipline Policies, from A Vision for Black Lives

Calling Cops for Small Infractions Disproportionately Hurts Minority Students, by Anna Phillips at the Los Angeles Times

EmbraceRace: Online community about caring for and raising kids in the context of race

Facing History and Ourselves  “We help students learn about hatred and bigotry so they can stop them from happening in the future.”

Five Ways to End the School To Prison Pipeline, from

The Gates Scholarship for exceptional, Pell-eligible, minority high school seniors

How Race-Related Trauma Hurts Black and Brown Youth in Schools, from Psychology Benefit Society

How To Talk To Kids About Racism: An Age by Age Guide, by Alex Mlynek at Today’s Parent

How To Talk To Kids About Racism in America – with a picture book by Colton Valentine at the Huffington Post

I Was A Racist Teacher And I Didn’t Even Know It, by Laurie Calvert at Education Post  

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide For Educators and School Support Staff, from American Federation of Teachers

Picture Books That Teach Kids to Combat Racism, from What We Do All Day

A Punch In the Gut: Vancouver BC high school uses texts connecting Indigenous women to the word “squaw”,  by Angela Sterritt at CBC News  

Racial Profiling Starts in Preschool, by Kali Holloway at

Reading While White: Allies for Racial Diversity & Inclusion In Books For Children & Teens

Report Hate At School – report incidents to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Responding To Hate And Bias At School, a downloadable guide from Teaching Tolerance

Rethinking Schools – resources for educators 

Speak Up At School, a guide for teachers from Teaching Tolerance  

Teach Us All by Sonia Lowman is a documentary film + social movement,  just released on Netflix

Teaching for Change: Building Social Justice Starting in the Classroom  

Teaching Tolerance 

Teaching While White by Molly Tansy at Teaching Tolerance

Ten Books About Residential Schools To Read With Your Kids, by Chantelle Belrichard at CBC News

Ten Things Every White Teacher Should Know When Talking About Race, by Angela Watson at Cornerstone For Teachers

Two Schools In Mississippi and a Lesson on Race & Inequality in America, by Jamiles Lartey at The Guardian  

Where Are the Teachers Of Color? by Motoko Rich in the New York Times

Why I Teach My 2-Year-Old About Race, by Michelle Acker Perez at the Washington Post

Ancestral Pride: Indigenous Reoccupation of Ancestral Lands

Church Considers Request to Rescind Doctrine of Discovery, by Paul Barnsley at APTN

Colonization and Decolonization: A Manual For Indigenous Liberation in the 21st Century by Zig-Zag

Cultural Etiquette, A Guide for the Well Intentioned, a book by Amoja Three Rivers

The Decolonial Atlas: Reimagining The World

Decolonization, Indigineity, Education, and Society

For Indigenous Eyes Only: Beginning Decolonization by Waziyatawin & Michael Yellow Bird

A Gentle Reminder That Jesus Was A Brown Middle Eastern Refugee Who Would Not Have Voted for Trump, by Sara Benincasa at

Groundwork for Change provides information to help non-Indigenous (settler) peoples grow relationships with Indigenous peoples that are rooted in justice and solidarity.

Hawaiians Fight for Sovereignity, a video from AJ+

Indigenous Systems Are Resistance, from Indigenous Motherhood

It’s no confederate flag, but the Massachusetts state seal is still pretty awful, by Yvonne Abraham at the Boston Globe

Native Hawaiian Woman Responds to Racist Caller, a video from Nation 19

On Indigenous People’s Day, from Awakening The Horse

An Open Letter to White People on Becoming Indigenous, by Adebayo Akomolafe at Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory and Practice

Returning Communities, A Reparative Justice Project of Land Return and Remembrance, from Awakening the Horse People

Sacred Stone Camp, website and Facebook

The Significance of Acknowledging the Indigenous Land We Stand On, by Ramna Shahzad at CBC News

Tribe Wants To Kick Rich People Out Of The Hamptons, by Justin Doolittle at Vice.Com

Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory and Practice

Why Racial Justice Work Needs To Address Settler Colonialism and Native Rights by Rachel Kuo at Everyday Feminism

You Are Still Being Lied To: Howard Zinn’s “Columbus & Western Civilization,” from Unsettling America

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