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GPB Fund Crisis Response Petition

In support of developing alternatives to policing, we invite you to support this effort from Greenfield (Massachusetts) People’s Budget (GPB) group.

From GPB:

For the last few months, the Greenfield People’s Budget group has had a meetup of care providers concerned about policing in care provision. (State Senator) Jo Comerford asked us  for a petition showing our support for non-police crisis response programs, since budget discussions are underway and the administration has “zeroed out” this line item while bolstering police-involved approaches.

Please share widely. Budget discussions are happening right now, and we’d like as many signatures as possible.

Our primary demand is

We, the undersigned, call on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to reduce the footprint of policing and invest $20 million in community-led mental health, addiction, harm reduction, violence prevention, and crisis support programs. These programs should be decoupled from law enforcement, coercive/involuntary treatment, and punitive measures.

Please see the full petition and sign at

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