Past program – A Conversation About Racism, with Gloria Matlock, Jeanne Hall, and Dick Hall – 1/11/22

Tuesday evening, January 11, 2022, from 6:30-8:00 p.m, online

A Conversation About Racism: Staying Curious, Moving Forward, and Being Part of the Solution
focused on the experiences of Jeanne Hall, Gloria Matlock, and Dick Hall, local Black people who generously offered to share what it means to be Black in Franklin County and in the United States. Dick’s, Gloria’s, and Jeanne’s experiences were the starting point for an open and thoughtful conversation about racism and how as individuals and a community we can learn to appreciate and understand perspectives different from our own.
The discussion was moderated by Allen Davis, an educator and racial justice advocate.

Sponsored by Dickenson Memorial Library, the Leverett Public Library, the Erving Public Library, and Racial Justice Rising.