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Creating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, with Varinda Robinson and Letha King Brooks

Saturday, June 12, 2021 10:30-Noon, via Zoom

Please join us as two career educators engage in dialogue about moving diversity, equity, and inclusion from words to actions, benefiting the experiences and outcomes of both students and staff. This thought-provoking session will likely ask more questions than it answers as participants consider the experiences that have shaped their lives. Those present will gain greater cultural awareness while addressing implicit bias, resulting in greater understanding, productivity, and inclusiveness. 

Mrs. Letha King Brooks believes that equitable access to opportunities will open otherwise closed doors. In her 20 years of creating systemic practices to improve teaching and learning, she has written and influenced curriculum, presented and facilitated professional development events, and worked with schools to ensure compliance with state and federal accountability systems. 

Varinda Robinson is a dynamic instructional leader who specializes in school improvement and leadership, mentoring teachers and administrators, improving student achievement while cultivating new leadership. Her work has transformed schools and districts with her dedication to growth and development for both students and staff. 

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