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The Real Story of American History: My Story, Not His Story

June 3, 2017

with Naimah Muhammad and Kathleen Anderson

  • What has been left out of our school children’s social studies history books? Why?
  • Why would there need to be a treaty between Morocco and the US? Who was Abubarari II? What did he do?
  • Who are the Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas? Where did they come from? Do they still exist?
  • What was found in the caves and rocks of North America?
  • What about Islam before Columbus?

View our video of the program:


Naimah’s videos:

America Before Columbus: Negro Gene Pool

America Before Columbus: African American Gene Pool

American Deception: Who Were the Real Slaves

Another View – Native Americans

Kathleen’s slide show of ads, postcards, etc

See Kathleen’s other collections on Pinterest (1st Nations, Black Indians, Black history, and more)

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