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What is the World We Wish to Build: A Two-Part Workshop

Sat. December 10 & Sun. December 18, 2016; 10am to 5pm
Greenfield, MA, with Mikaela Simms & Janaki Natarajan

Advance registration required. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about the location of the workshop.


What is the World We Wish to Build: Solidarity in a time of Supremacy

  • We are confronted with racism: What is it? What are our learned answers? Is it a social construction or biology? What does it look like in the world today… in the U.S….in our everyday lives?
  • What do we want? How do we build it? We will explore these issues, determined to find courses of action.  We will all commit to a place of openness, fearlessness and community when we delve into these issues.

This two part workshop is free but there is a $10 registration fee which is expected with your registration. This fee can be waived or reduced for folks who would be prevented from attending due to cost. Space is limited and participants are expected to attend both days.  We especially hope that high school and college age people will attend.

Mikaela Simms is an educator who started her teaching career in the Bay Area. She has been in education for over fifteen years and has worked in schools in from California to Guinea, West Africa. She is currently Co-Chair of a Social Justice Teacher Education Program, Spark Teacher Education Institute, and Director of Diversity and Equity for WSESU.

Janaki Natarajan, Director of the M.A.T. in Teaching for Social Justice Program at Marlboro College, has spent her life working and promoting education for social change. She is the founder of Educational Praxis, a non-profit organization connecting people from distinct backgrounds to exchange local and global knowledge and skills.

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